SCU Farming Together Program

SCU Farming Together Program do you need some advice on an organic or sustainability issue? Want to join a sustainable farming group? Or just want to be part of a 10,000 strong community of biological farmers? Give Lorraine a call at the SCU.

SCU Farming Together Program Website
Centre for Organics Research

The Centre for Organics Research provides strong evidence-based scientific and multidisciplinary research focused on clarifying some of the complex issues surrounding organics production and supply chains. This includes research into the comprehensive reach of organic production covering such broad themes as integrated production systems, sustainable resource management, economics and markets, and education and health.

If you have a project that you think is worthy of further research, then give the Organic Research Centre a call.

Centre for Organic Research Website
Environmental Analysis Laboratory

Environmental Analysis Laboratory for all your soil, water, vegetative and chemical residue testing.

Operating since 1993, EAL is part of Southern Cross University (SCU), located at the Lismore campus. Strong partnerships with SCU's Special Research Centres, and EALs flexibility and capacity to diversify, enables the laboratory to adopt new and innovative techniques as they are developed and tested, through ongoing research.

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