Accessing Premium Markets: Australian Organics

One of the key pillars to grow agriculture is accessing premium markets. We must complement our existing trade and produce the premium agricultural products that increasingly affluent consumers in overseas markets want. We need to target high-end food segments by producing differentiated products built around a reputation for safety, integrity and quality.

One of the premium markets we need to look at is organics. Organic farming is a type of agriculture that seeks to produce food and fibre that has not been subject to application of synthetic chemicals (e.g. synthetic herbicides, fertilisers, drenches), and aims to achieve an integrated production system where increased biodiversity and a functioning soil ecosystem promote plant and animal health.

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Biosecurity for Organic Grain Farmers

A publication from the Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (MARDI)

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Compost Used in Agriculture

Composting animal manures and agricultural waste is not a new process, but is one which has regained focus around the world. This is because environmental issues are forcing the reduction of use of raw manure and we have rediscovered that there are good scientific reasons why compost is a better form of nutrients for our agricultural crops. The use of composted manures in sustainable agricultural systems results in good yields and equivalent or improved quality produce.

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Going Organic – Organic Livestock Production

Going Organic – Organic Livestock Production – A conversion package for organic livestock production in the rangelands of western New South Wales was developed for producers wishing to convert to organic production and for producers already involved in organic production but keen to diversify their production. The package does not aim to be prescriptive: it aims to provide a framework for organic conversion and diversification and suggests possible strategies and pathways for moving forward

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Marketing organic produce

Marketing organic produce requires a sound knowledge of your product, the market and your target audience. Organic growers can receive significant price premiums for their product, but like any product, organics needs to be correctly marketed to the relevant audience to be successful.

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Organic farming on a small area

Consumer demand for chemical free and environmentally sound high quality produce is increasing. Organic food and farming is now being more widely recognised as an economically viable option to meet this demand. With retail sales of organic food increasing by twenty five percent per annum both on a domestic and global scale, the market is growing at a faster rate than any other area of the food and beverage industry.

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