Certification Fee Schedule
All fees listed in $AUD and do not include GST. All fees are non-refundable. Fees are reviewed every year on July 1.
Southern Cross Certified does not charge Industry Development Levies

Application Fees
Application Fees are waived for those operations that are transferring from another certification body.
A once off Application Fee of $150 is to be paid upon submission of application. Application fees are not charged for subsequent applications for certification.
Certification and Annual Renewal Fees
Certification fees (fees paid upon initial certification) are to be paid after a decision on certification has been made. Annual renewal fees (fees paid annually) are to be paid when the annual audit report has been issued. The funds must have been received by Southern Cross Certified before a certificate can be issued or re-issued. The following table lists fees for Australian based operators. Click here for the fees for International Operators:
Service Certification & Annual Renewal Fee
AS 6000 $632 + Audit Costs
National Standard $1320 + Audit Costs
USDA NOP & Canada* $1000 + Audit Costs
EU* $1000 + Market Access Fee ($1469) + Audit Costs
SXC Certified Regenerative Standard^ $1320 + Audit Costs
SXC Allowed Input $1320 + Audit Costs
* Australian based operators wishing to be certified to the EU or USDA NOP or Canada must also be certified to the National Standard. Market access to Canada is by way of the US-Canada Organic Equivalence Arrangement.
^ The certification fee for the SXC Certified Regenerative Standard will be reduced to $632 if the operator has applied for, or is already certified to, the National Standards or SXC Allowed Input services.
Market Access Fee
The Market Access Fee is determined by how much SXC is required to pay for accreditation to provide market access to a particular market. For Non-Australian based operators, there may also be an additional fee where SXC is required to cover accreditation expenses in other countries (such as international travel and accomodation expenses). Click here to find out how this is calculated. This fee is recalculated annualy on 1 July.
Audit Costs
Audit Costs include time spent onsite auditing (charged at $155 / hour), travel and accommodation expenses (charged at cost) and for all schemes other than NOP, any laboratory testing if required (also charged at cost). To minimise audit costs:
  1. Ensure all information held by Southern Cross Certified is up to date. You can use your portal to do this.
  2. Prior to the audit, use the checklist to ensure your operation meets all requirements.
  3. Have the necessary documents ready for review.
  4. Liaise with Southern Cross Certified to organise concurrent audits in the same region to share travel and accommodation expenses with other operators. In these cases, the auditor will determine the appropriate share of the costs.