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Welcome to Australia’s newest and most progressive organic and sustainable agricultural certification company. Southern Cross Certified Australia (SXC) has been formed in response to a client and consumer driven need for an easy, simple, service driven and cost effective, certification body.

Our vision is of a certification body that provides you with peace of mind certification; that can assist you in obtaining certification to a range of organic and sustainable agricultural standards; and that these standards allow you to access a more diverse range of higher value National and International markets.

Our specialist markets in addition to Australia, are China and South East Asia.

Certification in itself, is of no value to you if it does not increase the value of your product. Yes, there should be environmental and ecological benefits but still, the product you finally produce must be of higher value than it was before you started.

Organics is a great certification to have and generally speaking, it delivers on the environmental and financial benefits but it can be stressful and challenging when going through the In Conversion to Organic phase.

At SXC, we believe its our job to provide rural producers with a stepped certification pathway that reduces the impact of ‘in conversion’ on your business. We would love to discuss this with you.

Australian agriculture is entering a new era. Over the past few years, we have seen the birth of multiple new, private standards that we believe, will come to characterise what in the future, will be termed, the ‘Australia’s Sustainable Agricultural Era.’

Staff at SXC bring decades of organic and sustainable agricultural certification experience - all available to you.

We are not caught up in the animosities of the past; or the politics of the present.

We are however, caught up in our vision for the future. And that vision is to provide peace of mind certification to clients and consumers that the products they purchase help to ensure a sustainable future for Australian agriculture and the food industry.

How We Operate

Click here for information about SXCs inspection and certification process

SXC obtains its financial support by fees related to certification. For our full fee schedule, Click here.

When certified, the operator signs a certification agreement with SXC. This agreement clearly states the rules and processes that both SXC and the operator must abide by, including the confidentiality requirements for both parties, and the requirement to abide by SXC's logo use manual (which is provided to operators during the certification process). Click here for a list of obligations for both SXC and the operator. The agreement also details the circumstances under which an operator may be suspended or decertified.

SXC also has clearly defined rules for how complaints and appeals are to be handled. If you have a complaint about SXC, or about an SXC certified operator, or you are an applicant or an SXC certified operator and request access to these procedures, you will be given a copy of the procedures without delay. Call the number below or click here to request these procedures. Appeals and complaints must be lodged in writing and sent to the email address listed below.

SXC's procedures for granting, maintaining, extending, suspending and withdrawing certification satisfy the requirements of ISO/IEC 17065:2012 Conformity assessment -- Requirements for bodies certifying products, processes and services. Call the number below or click here to request these procedures.

If you are currently certified by SXC and wish to withdraw, you need only notify SXC in writing of your wish to do so, and if appropriate, the reasons why you have chosen to withdraw. Please talk to us to discuss the situation before withdrawing.

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