Certified Products

A & KL Langridge Pasture20006AS 6000Organic 100%WA
A & KL Langridge Onions20006AS 6000Organic 100%WA
A & KL Langridge Celery20006AS 6000Organic 100%WA
A & KL Langridge Mixed veg20006AS 6000Organic 100%WA
A & KL Langridge Livestock - Beef20006AS 6000Organic 100%WA
A & KL Langridge Livestock - Sheep20006AS 6000Organic 100%WA
A Shmuel & V Mackenzie Hummus19040National StandardOrganicNSW
A Shmuel & V Mackenzie Green Tahini19040National StandardOrganicNSW
A Shmuel & V Mackenzie Pickled Cucumber19040National StandardOrganic 100%NSW
A Shmuel & V Mackenzie Zhug19040National StandardOrganicNSW
* Services Key
AS 6000: AS 6000 (Products certified to AS 6000 are not suitable for export)
National Standard: National Standard for Organic & Biodynamic Produce
EU: EU Equivalence arrangements (National Standard / IACB)
Allowed Input: OK for use in operations certified to AS 6000 or National Standard.

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