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Organic Livestock - What's Involved?

These are a series of 2 pagers to help you understand what it takes to raise animals in certified organic operations. They cover topics such as initially converting your livestock, feeding, health and what sort of inputs are allowed. We'll keep adding to the list below, so if your animals aren't listed, keep an eye on this section!

AS 6000 and National Standard in the Export Supply Chain

It is important to understand how certifications to the AS 6000 and National Standard standards interact. This document explains these interactions and has a series of useful diagrams to really help you understand what is, and is not permitted between these two schemes.

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What products can I use on my Farm?

When you need to use a product or an input for your farm, you must ensure that the product is suitable for use in organic systems. In general, inputs must be of plant, animal, microbial or mineral origin.

So, how can you tell if a product meets all these requirements? We will give you a simple step by step process that you can use to determine the suitability of a product for use in an organic system:

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Organic Certification

An overview of what you can expect in your certification journey, from the day you first decide to become organic, to the day you can sell your product as Certified Organic and beyond.

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On Farm / Home Composting

This document aims to clarify what composts are allowable in a certified organic system, and to define a process that can be used by private, noncommercial, on-farm or home-based operations wishing to produce composts that contain material from conventional plant or animal products

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