In Conversion

What does "In Conversion" mean?

A requirement of the National Standard for Organic and Biodynamic Produce is that all new applicants must enter into an ‘In Conversion’ period prior to becoming fully certified organic.

In Conversion is that period of time that allows the land to leech itself of any prohibited substances that may have been applied prior to your application for organic certification. During this time, anything produced cannot be labelled as Certified Organic. They can only be sold or marketed as ‘Organic In Conversion.’

An In Conversion period is generally for a time frame of three years, however in high risk situations, this can be extended by your Certification Body. Under certain and demonstrated circumstances, an In Conversion period can also be reduced to no less than 12 months.

You may be able to reduce the In Conversion period if you can:

  1. Clearly demonstrate that you have managed your property according to organic management practices for at least 36 months
  2. Demonstrate that no prohibited inputs have been applied during this period
  3. Ensure analytical tests of soil, water and possibly vegetative matter are clear of any residues
  4. Provide a Statutory Declaration confirming that steps 1 and 2 are correct

If you have just purchased the property, and you wish to apply for a reduction in the In Conversion time frame, you will need to comply with Steps 1 to 3 above plus provide a Statutory Declaration signed by the previous owner(s) confirming Steps 1 and 2.

Please do not hesitate to call the SXC Office on 07 3088 2808 should you have any questions regarding In Conversion.

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