A Shmuel & V Mackenzie

Operation Name
A Shmuel & V Mackenzie
Trading As
Hafla Gourmet Dips
Certificate Number
Main Address
4/17 Alex Pike Drive, Raleigh, NSW, 2454
Alon Shmuel
Phone: 0419 233 808
Certified Products
BabaganushNational StandardActiveOrganicNSW
BabaganushAS 6000ActiveOrganicNSW
Beetroot DipAS 6000ActiveOrganicNSW
Beetroot DipNational StandardActiveOrganicNSW
Eggplant KasoundiAS 6000ActiveOrganicNSW
Eggplant KasoundiNational StandardActiveOrganicNSW
Green TahiniNational StandardActiveOrganicNSW
Green TahiniAS 6000ActiveOrganicNSW
HummusNational StandardActiveOrganicNSW
HummusAS 6000ActiveOrganicNSW
MadBukkaAS 6000ActiveOrganicNSW
MadBukkaNational StandardActiveOrganicNSW
Pickled CucumberAS 6000ActiveOrganic 100%NSW
Pickled CucumberNational StandardActiveOrganic 100%NSW
Salt N Pepper KrautNational StandardActiveOrganicNSW
Salt N Pepper KrautAS 6000ActiveOrganicNSW
SuperSeed Chilli & LimeAS 6000ActiveOrganicNSW
SuperSeed Chilli & LimeNational StandardActiveOrganicNSW
SuperSeed Nori & TamariNational StandardActiveOrganicNSW
SuperSeed Nori & TamariAS 6000ActiveOrganicNSW
ZhugAS 6000ActiveOrganicNSW
ZhugNational StandardActiveOrganicNSW
* Services Key
AS 6000: AS 6000 (Products certified to AS 6000 are not suitable for export)
National Standard: National Standard for Organic & Biodynamic Produce
EU: EU Equivalence arrangements (National Standard / IACB)
Allowed Input: Suitable for use in operations certified to AS 6000 or the National Standard.

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