A Shmuel & V Mackenzie

Operation Name
A Shmuel & V Mackenzie
Trading As
Hafla Gourmet Dips
Certificate Number
Main Address
4/17 Alex Pike Drive, Raleigh, New South Wales, Australia, 2454
Alon Shmuel
Phone: 0419 233 808
Certified Products
BabaganushNational StandardActiveOrganicNSW
Beetroot DipNational StandardActiveOrganicNSW
Eggplant KasoundiNational StandardActiveOrganicNSW
Green TahiniNational StandardActiveOrganicNSW
HummusNational StandardActiveOrganicNSW
MadBukkaNational StandardActiveOrganicNSW
Salt N Pepper KrautNational StandardActiveOrganicNSW
Spicy RootsNational StandardActiveOrganicNSW
SuperSeed Chilli & LimeNational StandardActiveOrganicNSW
SuperSeed Nori & TamariNational StandardActiveOrganicNSW
Wild PestoNational StandardActiveOrganicNSW
ZhugNational StandardActiveOrganicNSW
* Services Key
AS 6000: AS 6000 (Products certified to AS 6000 are not suitable for export)
National Standard: National Standard for Organic & Biodynamic Produce
EU: EU Equivalence arrangements (National Standard / IACB)
Allowed Input: Suitable for use in operations certified to AS 6000 or the National Standard.

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