SXC Certificate Watch

Keep your suppliers certificates automatically up to date*

The SXC Certificate Watch service is available to everyone - not just SXC certified operators. When you subscribe to the SXC certificate watch service, you get:

  • A dashboard that quickly and easily shows you the status of your SXC, ACO, NCO, OFC and BDRI certified suppliers certificates.
  • See all of your suppliers' products at the click of a button.
  • Notifications when your suppliers add or remove products - daily, weekly or monthly.
  • Instant notifications when your suppliers change their status (eg. suspended or withdrawn).
* Please note that this service is for all operators certified by Australian Certification bodies. It is not for operators that are internationally certified.

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If you're already a registered SXC user, you can just log into your portal, then click the "Certificate Watch" menu link to begin the subscription process.

If you're not a registered SXC user, then you'll need to register to use this service. It's quick and easy. Once your done, you can simply sign in, then click the "Certificate Watch" menu item.

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