Planted Passion

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Planted Passion
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WA Fertiliser Suppliers
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Main Address
55 Springall Road Manjimup, Manjimup, Western Australia, Australia, 6258
Additional Address(es)
55 Springall Road Manjimup, Manjimup, Western Australia, Australia, 6258
1655 Perup Road, Manjimup, Western Australia, Australia, 6258
2-4 Noble Street, Kewdale, Western Australia, Australia, 6105
Neil Charles Miles
Phone: 0429 599 977
Suzanne Miles
Phone: 0420 239 380
Certified Products
Algen UltraOceana MineralsAllowed InputActiveAllowed InputWA
Amino Star 800Amino Star 800Allowed InputActiveAllowed InputWA
Asian greens National StandardActiveOrganicWA
Base Builder KBase Builder KAllowed InputActiveAllowed InputWA
Base Builder NBase Builder NAllowed InputActiveAllowed InputWA
Base Builder PBase Builder PAllowed InputActiveAllowed InputWA
Beans National StandardActiveOrganicWA
Beetroot National StandardActiveOrganicWA
Broccoli National StandardActiveOrganicWA
Brussel sprouts National StandardActiveOrganicWA
Cabbage National StandardActiveOrganicWA
Capsicum National StandardActiveOrganicWA
Cauliflower National StandardActiveOrganicWA
Chillies National StandardActiveOrganicWA
Cucumber National StandardActiveOrganicWA
Eggplant National StandardActiveOrganicWA
Fish Soluble PastePlanted Passion Fish Soluble PasteAllowed InputActiveAllowed InputWA
FulvicmaxKhumic FulvicmaxAllowed InputActiveAllowed InputWA
Herbs National StandardActiveOrganicWA
Kale National StandardActiveOrganicWA
Kolhrabi National StandardActiveOrganicWA
Lettuce National StandardActiveOrganicWA
Organic Boron GranulePlanted PassionAllowed InputActiveAllowed InputWA
Organosul 20SOrganosul 20SAllowed InputActiveAllowed InputWA
Organosul KSOrganosul KSAllowed InputActiveAllowed InputWA
Peas National StandardActiveOrganicWA
Planted Passion Active Silicon Fine PowderPlanted Passion Active Silicon Fine PowderAllowed InputActiveAllowed InputWA
Planted Passion Active Silicon GranulePlanted Passion Active Silicon Granule. This is different product but same range as Planted Passion Active Silicon Super Fine Powder which has been approved.Allowed InputActiveAllowed InputWA
Planted Passion Active Silicon Super Fine PowderPlanted Passion Active Silicon Super Fine Powder. Silica 38% (Si) 82% (Si02) Total reactive Silica % >97% <20 micron powder Diatomaceous Earth powderAllowed InputActiveAllowed InputWA
Potassium Humate FlakesKHUMIC-100Allowed InputActiveAllowed InputWA
Potassium Humate GranuleKhumic-AG Potassium HumateAllowed InputActiveAllowed InputWA
Pumpkin National StandardActiveOrganicWA
Radish National StandardActiveOrganicWA
Seaweed Extract Flake - Ascophyllum NodosumBright Moon Blue Ocean Bio-TechAllowed InputActiveAllowed InputWA
Silver beet  National StandardActiveOrganicWA
Sweede National StandardActiveOrganicWA
Tomatoes National StandardActiveOrganicWA
TriumphalisTriumphalisAllowed InputActiveAllowed InputWA
Turnips National StandardActiveOrganicWA
Vibrocalcite  Allowed InputActiveAllowed InputWA
Vibrocalcite Plus Allowed InputActiveAllowed InputWA
VibroPhosphateVibroPhosphate. Matt, this is essentially the Base Builder P product (which is already approved by SXC) BUT the product goes from Indonesia to Vidirisfarm in Croatia and undergoes a second process - the VAM process. Allowed InputActiveAllowed InputWA
* Services Key
National Standard: National Standard for Organic & Biodynamic Produce
Allowed Input: SXC Allowed Input - for use in operations certified to AS 6000 or the National Standard.

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